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My Pain

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Is it in vain?

Am I vain?

I don’t want to be

I don’t

It’s a distraction

Being vain…

My pain

Is it real?

Am I real?

I don’t want to be fake

Since my breast will be

My pain

Doesn’t it count

Do I count?

My Pain

Does my life matter?

Cause I was told that

Black lives matter

My pain

It hurts

Can you feel it?

Cause I do


My name is Marie Michaelle and I am a Spoken Word Artist. I write and perform my own words for audiences. I have two published books of poetry and am currently working on my third. In May 2017 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer and I lost my entire left breast. Doctors removed the cancer cells and told me that I had caught it early enough and the chances of the cancer returning or spreading was about 12%. A year later in May of 2018 I found out the cancer had spread to my liver. I am now at stage 4 and am fighting the biggest battle of my life to date.

#Poetry #MusicArt #BreastCancer

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