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Cancerversity is a multimedia platform that provides information, support, and inclusivity for young women of color and caregivers coping with the adversities of Young Adult Cancer. While the site is all-inclusive, it is especially targeted to young WOC who are underrepresented and disproportionately affected by Young Adult Cancers.


Our mission is to make cancer a comfortable conversation in communities of color by discussing everything from the latest developments in cancer research to health & wellness and even the sometimes embarrassing, socially awkward, moments that come with being a young adult woman and having "The Big C." 

What is Young Adult cancer?

There are 11 types of cancers that are most common among men & women between the ages of 20 - 34, including breast cancer, germ cell tumors (ovarian and testicular), cervical cancer, sarcomas, lymphoma, leukemia, thyroid cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer, and brain and spinal cord cancer. Although cancer is not common in young adults, over 70,000  young adults are diagnosed with cancer yearly.

A Young Woman Writing


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