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Founded in 2018, Cancerversity is a resource hub and community for young adults and women of color to access support, advice, and medical insight about cancer prevention, screening, treatment, and survivorship.

Young African American Cancer Survivor  that is happy and healthy

Welcome to Cancerversity.

Cancer Support for Young Women of Color

Cancer Blog and Resources

Visit the Cancerversity Blog to read young cancer survivor stories, learn about risk factors that contribute to cancer disparities in Black women, discover early detection and cancer screening options, and more.

Health Equity Through Patient Education

The old adage is true: knowledge is power. Patient empowerment starts with accurate, accessible information. From medical journal discoveries to personal experiences, Cancerversity aims to empower Black women to make informed decisions about their health through shared knowledge and a sense of community.

Founder of Cancerversity, Carlene, surrounded by her cancer support group
Carlene, Founder of Cancerversity, and friends and supporters of Cancerversity

More Than Medical

The Cancerversity Community is more than just a place to swap survivor stories and discover new treatment options. It’s also a space where women can bond and connect with one another in a safe environment. Arts, entertainment, and crafts bring our community members together in a much-needed escape from the stark realities of cancer diagnosis.

Friends Hanging Out

We laugh together. 

We cry together. 

We learn, we teach, we listen.

Black women cancer survivor


Get up-to-date information about the latest advances and discoveries in cancer treatment and prevention.


Peel back the curtain of your mind, body, and beauty for a candid view of the realities of living with cancer.

Arts and Entertainment

Unwind and escape with art, music, movies, and more brought to you by members of the Cancerversity Community.

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